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Monitoring light emissions on community level

Developed since 2013, introduced and applied in Luxemburg in March 2017 and published scientific in 2018.

xirrus can analyze light emissions on the overview level for political entities like communities.

read more about it (german only)
→ Licht-Monitoring auf Stufe Gemeinde

Simulation of Combustion and Smouldering

Examining combustion processes is difficult. The processes are fast, the temperatures are high, the pressures usually also are. The intermediate species are often short-lived. A comprehensive observation is almost impossible and would require an immense experimental setup.

What if we are still interested in these details?

A simulation keeps track of every condition, of every molecule, of every aspect, at any instant. Analysis can be focused at anything we want to shed light on. And the accuracy of results is guaranteed by the highly sophisticated chemical reaction models, which have only recently been developed and optimized at renowned universities. Right now available at xirrus in an operative way!

→ Read more about this project

Graphene Tensile Strength Experiment

Graphene — this newly researched material, which can be recognized as a kind of 2D-diamond and which its characterisation and research just won the nobel price of physics (6th of Octobre 2010) — Graphene has been analysed by xirrus simulation and its tensile strength has been measured and visualized.

The image shows a flake of graphene immediately after break. In the digital experiment, a tensile force has been applied to the flake, until the flake broke. Simultaneously, the tensile strength has been measured and the dynamics of the break have been recorded.

→ read the detailed description!

→ Have your new materials analyzed and visualized!

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Boost your development with simulation

By committing the xirrus simulation computer lab, the experimental phase starts on a higher level of knowledge and with the number of most promising product candidates. This leads to a faster development phase, more competitive and cost-effective development, and to better products overall.

Computer lab and wet lab amend optimally: The boosted development process goes from materials choice through the optimization to the experiments and helps, to work practically with the most promising candidates in the wet lab and therefore motivate the valued co-workers.

By the preprocessing computer lab, the development process is accelerated, since the optimization steps proceed earlier and the development cycles are faster and simpler at this stage. You enter the wet lab on a higher level of knowledge.

Das xirrus simulation computer lab

  • unburdens your development cycles in the wet lab
  • focusses your lab on the most promising candidates
  • helps with finetuning and optimization
  • screens product ideas in the early stage

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