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S-cloud - simulation or reality?

xirrus simulation

A service for computer simulations of complex systems you wouldn't want to or couldn't handle with internal ressources.

Computer Simulation Enables You to ...

  • ... to verify models, assumptions and speculations with known data.
  • ... draw reliable conlcusions about the validity of models, assumptions, concepts, and boundary conditions.
  • ... make predictions about scenarios, which cannot be tested in reality: for example, situations of errors, malfunctions, and danger.
  • ... get well-founded bases for decisions, accelerate endless discussins about opinions, establish faster decisions, and obtain predictions for the future.
  • ... increase comprehensions of the mechanisms that lead to your observations. This makes your engagement more tightly focused and effective.
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  • Quick implementations of models into computer simulations or performance ov many different approaches.
  • Reliable statements on the validity of models and assumptions.
  • Concentrate on your business, your models, your propositions. We care about the implementing details.
  • Save yourself the effort of writing and debugging a simulation program yourself.

What is the Secret of Success?

We are not limited to conventional statistics, clustering or data mining, but explicitly include the dynamics and self-dynamics of the system into the simulation. Our know-how then provides insight and foundations for strategic decisions in your company or organisation in R&D.

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