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These testimonials stand for quality provided by and methods applied by xirrus

«In a compact session, thanks to your contribution (amongst others), we managed to show the variety of technical and commercial potential of todays existing developments in paints and varnishes and the refinement of products containing them.», Nano-Cluster Bodensee (Lake Constance)

«Everything has folded wonderful. The simulation fitted exactly our intention to introduce the mechanical properties of graphene. Since the teamwork has smoothly worked out and you quickly recognized and implemented the important features, I will gladly come back to you and recommend your work to colleagues and customers.», Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart.

«If one approaches this rationally, one keeps hands-off from measuring techniques. Realistic insight has only been gained through simulations! After 4 years of trial and error, they have been at the end of their tether in the management. Main reason: One cannot inspect vacuum tubes in the value of appr. 60k without destroying them.», Engineer of Comet about simulations of high-quality vacuum tubes.

"Never before with somebody else, I have solved something that complex in such a useful manner. It would be very convenient if it always went that smooth."

«In 2004, if we wouldn't have decided to take into account Molecular Dynamics simulations, we would never be that far with our Bio-Nanotechnology nowadays. We do not want and cannot resign from the method.», Prof. Vogel, ETH Zurich

"I have seen dozens of web applications in finance, but the one of xirrus was the most user friendly and best arranged indeed."

"We are very satisfied with the accomplishments we obtain from your company. The adaptions work flawlessly. This way, it is a pleasure to work!"

S-cloud - simulation or reality?

Implement your models and assumptions with xirrus simulation, because ...

... xirrus exhibits a profound knowledge to efficiently realize your requirements and conceptions in a computer simulation.
... this way, you gain awareness, new insight, and a basis of decision-making.
... instead of taking doubtful decisions based on uncertain suppositions or drawing wrong conclusions, it's time to validate and understand existing data and assumptions.
... out-sourcing for many SME is less expensive, than establish a team for simulation and analysis of complex systems.

Consider our simulation services, today!

clouds and wishes

Realize your Enterprise Programming with xirrus, because ...

... the days of isolated, incompatible and less maintainable solutions such as hand-knitted Excel-sheets are counted.
... after the project has been defined, you can be sure we fulfill time and cost-management.
... xirrus offers offline and online customized comfort
... a collaboration with xirrus for your Enterprise Internet is paying off in the medium term.

Consider our services, today:
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