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Services provided by xirrus

  • Molecular Simulation
    Enhancing materials properties by design, surface optimization, comprehension of molecular processes: xirrus molecular simulation is the service of choice that boosts your development. Save time and money, create knowledge and motivation.
  • Nanoimaging and Visualisation
    We visualize molecular dynamics and make it comprehensible! We reveal detailed insight in the world of nanotechnological matters, in still images and animation.
  • Simulation Implementation
    In different areas we are able to implement your models and assumptions in computers simulations and to analyse todays complex structures. The gained knowledge helps in taking decisions, allows deeper insight and saves money.
  • Scientific Consulting
    xirrus is an SME partner for contract research in interdisciplinary research projects and services modelling and simulation under non-disclosure agreements.
  • Enterprise Programming
    xirrus replaces old software structures by practical offline or online applications, e.g. replace your quick and dirty drafts programmed with Excel.

quality means, to fly within tolerance

Products by xirrus

  • xirrus simulation matters
    Calculate materials properties of polymers, mixtures and de-novo designed materials in advance, instead of literature research or measurements. → order online here
  • xirrus Qensure
    In partnership with consultants we realise the central documentation of your organisation, processes and data repository for process oriented quality management in respect to certifications or simply for optimisation.