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Abstract about xirrus in English

This abstract is intended for international and english speaking visitors. As we are mainly focused on the regional swiss market, our website is written in german with a swiss flavour. We are currently expanding our services to international customers, and are consequently gradually adding english translations.

xirrus GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

Time to market could always be achieved when working with xirrus.

xirrus was founded in 2001 as a web business company providing software development and services for companies. We focus on customers who don't care about the technical aspects of the internet programming world, but wish to publish and use their web applications and net solutions for internet, intranet or extranet purposes or websites seamlessly.

Customers acknowledge our reliability, trust on our quality in software development and feel save with our 5 years warranty in functionality for their applications.

What we offer

  • xirrus simulation (examples)
  • Web based business support like online collaboration, web-based groupware and automated web publishing
  • Custom programming and design for internet applications
  • Domain name consulting, webhosting, and web-link verification and correction
  • Search engine optimisation

Computer Simulation - a Specialty of xirrus GmbH

Computer simulation of real systems is gaining increased relevance nowadays. xirrus offers academy-grade simulation services and consulting with easy-to-use interfaces, which go far beyond currently used methods. Examples include the support of change management by simulation of virtual changes and then choosing the best way to go, the improvement of forecasting models in strategic management, and the better understanding of business-relevant observations.

We aim at a better understanding of interactions between different kinds of simulations and to have a simulation tool for quick development of new applications in business and science.

Please contact us without hesitation if you are interested in further details of these new and promising applications we might be able to customise to your needs.

To learn more, see our simulations page.

Disclaimer and Copyright

This abstract in english is not meant as an invitation for undesired interests:
  • We do not want to receive mass mailing. Any spam is automatically deleted.
  • We do not want to buy stocks or anything - we are running our own stock simulations and do not need your tips. Do not call for this reason - we will cut the wire.
  • xirrus is a registered trademark in Switzerland and protected by law.
  • All material such as text and images is original artwork by xirrus or used under legal license and may not be copied or used without written permission from the owners.