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xirrus simulation
Earlier, the co-founders of xirrus GmbH did research in Molecular Dynamics at ETH Zurich. In their own company they apply their knowledge for research and development for SMEs in nanotechnology, communication technology and traffic planning.

Currently they network with material scientists and researchers of Switzerland and surrounding Europe (including middle east) to solve outstanding questions of risks of nano particles and to optimize the usefulness for existing applications.

They like to consult companies to present possible applications and collaborations for such simulations in R&D.

Effects of xirrus simulation

A small leak will sink a great ship.

xirrus simulation has its origin in the realm of nanometers.

Optimise nanotechnology per atom

The not to be mentioned company Nanonymous Ltd. produces a measurement device measuring on nanometer scale. Its operating mode is convincing in theory and in practice. However, on a molecular level the process in the inner parts of the measurement device is not fully understood. Therefore an additional chemical or physical improvement is possible by three approaches only:

Possible ProceedingAdvantageDrawback
0. Just empirical invest in numerous, even unpromising experiments and detect the relations for further improvements. Approach is simple, not much to learn. Eventually to automise. Substantial purchases, slow (if not automised) principle based on hope and coincidence. Innovation in time (ahead of competitors) is questionable.
1. Experiments of high resolution should gain direct insight. What was hidden beforehand may become visible. Additional adaptions can be observed and interpreted. The methods are expensive, error-prone and a negative influence of experiments on materials cannot be excluded. Indeed, most experimental methods can only take indirect measurements.
2. The measurement device may be simulated at high resolution. Even where experiments won't reach, a closer look is possible. Additional adaptions can be investigated directly about their physical effects. The comparability of simulations to standards is higher than within experiments (purity). Procedures are slow, if many scenarios have to be investigated at high resolution.

Simulations by xirrus can provide an added value to experiments, where these are extensive or even impossible, such that conclusions can be drawn more quickly.

We like to contribute this year to an optimisation of products, methods or your safety.

The benefits and possibilities of our method are shown on our poster "A Closer Look at Molecular Interactions on the Nanoscale" we have presented autumn 2008 at NanoEurope.   → PDF download (DIN A4, 3.0 MB)

xirrus has left the microscopic world from time to time.

xirrus simulation Flarm

Warning system communication ensured

xirrus simulation has investigated the collision warning device Flarm. In this simulation thousands of gliders were included in a terse, virtual airspace, just to provoke as many dangerous situations as possible to be clarified. The efficacy of the collision avoidance was verified. The results are encouraging for the producer. On one hand they prove the efficacy of the system, that was able to show a high safety level in the current version under realistic conditions (not considering system damage or pilot errors). On the other hand a possibility for another efficiency leap was detected, which may be considered in one of the next version upgrades. Our report was handed out to the producer who agreed with publication.

Simulations for enhancements of the FLARM communication protocol
segelfliegen 3 (2008) 30-33   → PDF download (0.67 MB)

Our expertise from simulation and optimisation of Flarm we also have brought into an article provided to the "Forum für Wissen über Naturgefahren in der Schweiz" with the title:
Enhancing the efficacy of warning systems by computer simulation
WSL: Forum für Wissen (2007) 93-96   → PDF Download (0.15 MB)

We stay on ground level sometimes, too.

Move people to destination with environment compatible transport system

xirrus simulation is negotiating with an european company for traffic management. With our simulations we may achieve a substantial benefit for the optimal design and network for a new city transport system. We own a comprehensive pool of valuable methods to find the optimal routes for future inhabitants.

Provide an approach

If it happens in industry, research and development that you encounter complex problems, it may be possible our xirrus simulation service can bring you further. Just contact us for further information without obligation.

Dr. Lukas Schuler
xirrus GmbH

Dr. Lukas Schuler is scientist and owner of a didactic certificate of ETH Zürich. He simulated various lipid aggregates on a molecular level and significantly improved the available molecular model. He had four years of experience with internet and web development as a co-founder of xirrus GmbH, before the company was focussed mainly on computer simulation services.

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