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Design of a hydrophobic surface coating

Coatings are one way to modify the property of a surface without modification of the substrate itself.

Design of a surface coating (grey brushes) and calculation of the performance in contact with water (light blue)

Accurately designed molecular brushes level off contacting water droplets. Next to the direct hydrophobic surface of the brushes the dynamics of the surface is important. It cannot be foreseen easily, but analysed and predicted accurately with the simulation.

Optimization of an adsorption process

Next to surface properties, the details of processing steps are important to design a new production method.

Calculation of the adsorption of nitrogen during gas cleansing of an optimised surface for preparation to adsorb target molecules.

In the simulation very many detailed variants can be checked, which would be experimentaly complex. The simulation shows directly where the optimum for the practical lab work or produtcion will be.