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Strong cloud core in front of other diverse clouds

Web programming - our second core competence

What counts, are the customers

xirrus develops web applications, customised for the functionality that you and your customers need. If you realise a new webshop, a virtual consultant, a poll or organise data exchange with your customers, we program and design capable websites that keep your domain strong. This competence is called custom web programming.

And if the optimal interplay with your customers is better suited by some platform independent piece of Java application, you're well suited with us. Our resources allow an affordable production at high quality standards. Our head of development profits from his experience in quality assessment of controller and interface software.

cloud special

What is special about xirrus' programming?

  • Five years warranty
    xirrus applications are conceptionally long-lasting and carefully designed. Our customers can trust in the functionality concerted, since we give 5 years warranty on it. Within warranty time, if xirrus or customers still detect a programming error, it will be solved at no charge to your and your customers advantage.
  • Maintenance agreements
    From the beginning we organise a maintenance scheme to allow for editing your contents as it will best support your needs. You only care about your business, the rest you will handle with xirrus online editors or we care with xirrus service on single assignement or service contract.

    Content management isn't a buzzword, it's a necessity!

  • Solutions have more weight while programming
    Often, if you increase your requirements, the first "adept" gets into difficulties. Ask us, we look at programming as a nice challenge. If you consider a special shared knowledge application or a tool for receiving personalised datasheets by your customers: you may consult xirrus.
  • No construction sites
    Either you offer something online, or not. And if you increase functionality later on, you can announce it when it's updated without creating some disappointment about a clever new feature that's not yet available.

  • Agenda: If it has to go on pace
    No disappointment with missed milestones: we care about achievements - fore sure.
  • Transparent costs
    Cheap market players that overdue their bugdet for a factor of two aren't cheap, but exorbitant. Our offer containts costs transparently listed from the beginning. If you pay more at the end, then it was your desire to invest and gain more. If you leave out some nice to have feature you also save money - for sure.

We're happy to learn to know your requirements and to prove we can hold our claims. Ask our customers about their experience with xirrus.

The developer constructs a web based application by using available means under his free choice, as long as the user profits from it.

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