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We like to transparently declare our memberships to our customers. xirrus teamplayers visit courses and events to stay in touch with current techniques and education. For the same reason we join selected memberships, because the topics are important to us or because we like the organisations' neutral attitudes towards entreprises, education, personal and new technologies.
  • ASIM - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation.
    The german speaking association of the governing body of European Simulation societies (EUROSIM).
  • VIO - Association NTN Innovative Surfaces.
    A national thematic network (NTN, supported by CTI): Association Innovative Surfaces. The association wants to help advanced surface technology to break through industry. For optimization simulations of xirrus shall be supportive.
  • ncb - Nano-Cluster Bodensee.
    The association Micro- and Nanotechnology Euregio Bodensee (Lake of Constance) forms the interbranch network, which allows for knowledge transfers and innovations to become reality.

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