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xirrus Qensure

xirrus Qensure documents an environmental government
Together with environmental management consultants xirrus has developed a web based database solution for optimisation of organisational structures, documentation of processes and data management.

The first version was successful to document and analyse the environmental government of the principality of Liechtenstein. This encounters eminently many requirements by law, since it has to combine EU, Swiss and its own law as legal basis for its duties and responsibilities.

xirrus Qensure for the first time in a Swiss city of medium size

Since June 2007, xirrus Qensure has been introduced and is applied in a planning office of a swiss city for documentation and quality assurence.
The first basic version was incorporated very positive already. Further offices are interested in our work.

Read the experience report of Geoinformatik Thun in Geomatik Schweiz (2009) 1, 14-18
(available in german only).   → PDF download (1.6 MB)

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