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Qensure provides an overview of organisations, processes and data

Qensure allows to register complex structures and to optimise them.


Qenure is a software tool for organisation analysis which combines organisational structure with process documentation and data management. Over several hierarchy levels and between these three aspects, Qensure makes interactions transparent and creates an overview of facts, that otherwise are difficult to recognise or simply can be overlooked. It makes workflows, requirements, controls and dataflows visible. The three aspects can be analysed and optimised together in a holistic view. In total it effectively enhances sustainable efficacy.

Read the experience report of Geoinformatik Thun in Geomatik Schweiz (2009) 1, 14-18
(available in german only).   → PDF download (1.6 MB)

Advantages of Qensure

  • Electronically and real time: the status quo always is available.
    • No outdated versions spook around. No chaos or confusion.
    • cost-effective: no expensive printing of business process documentations, no tedious page-wise updating of folders
  • web based service: easily accessible.
    • A networked computer and a standard web browser is enough. No tedious software installation, no waiting time.
    • Qensure can be used at several locations at the same time - also worldwide.
  • Customers and consultants can use the product from their own locations.
    • Coordination gets simpler, less traveling necessary.
    • Quick recognition and elimination of flaws.
    • Analysis can start even if not all entries have been made yet.
  • Everything documented at one place in one tool:
    • Organisation structure, process description and data overview
    • Input, change, analysis, duties, documentation
    • Flexible user roles allow for access restriction to certain data and functionality.
  • Support by developers: future-proof
    • Youre specific requirements for additional functions and features can be considered and integrated.
    • Project driven layouts and wordings are possible
    • User roles can be modified to your needs.

Qensure is ideal for:

  • Small and medium enterprises, which like to document their organisation structure, business processes and data repository in a modern and efficient way, to ensure and enhance quality of their work. It ensures a reproducible action, and avoids futile cycles.
  • Rapidly grown organisations, which like to restructure and optimise their picked up structures, processes and data repositories to a modern and efficient basis to allow for controlled growth and consolidation.
  • Consultants, organisation and process developers as well as IT-consultants, who advice customers in such situations.
In such situations Qensure is right for you. Please discuss your requirement with xirrus.

What is the secret of success?

Qensure considers the interactions between organisation structure and process optimisation including the information flows without limiting itself to one of these aspects. The analysis is cross-border and holistic and allows a promising and sustainable optimisation and realisation-consultancy. You gain precise evidence in less time.

Examples of Testimonials

Qensure in environmental government

Qensure was developed partnering with a consulting office for a European environmental governement. It supports the extensive data collection, processing and storage deposition and has allowed for a new conception of data repository. As a byproduct all processes and responsibilites have been defined and documented.

"After I have intensly applied the tool for analysis, I'm personally more and more convinced of its usefulness. The relationship search method in Qensure is really clever for the analysis."

"With todays documentation, I am sure it will be much easier to debate about the budget, bring in detailed proofs of necessity, show which service reductions would be in consequence and master the governmental reorganisation, as well as incorporate new employees."

"Until now these informations have rested in the heads of longtime employees mostly. As soon as more dynamic will drive the government, they will need this documentation"

"Qensure works like a charm."

Would you like to take advantage of Qensure for you? Do not hesitate to contakt us.