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S-cloud - simulation or reality?

xirrus simulation at NanoEurope 2009

Every single visitor is individually valuable.

xirrus simulation was present at the NanoEurope 2009 exhibition with its own booth.

xirrus simulation at NanoEurope 2009

The visitors run occured within limits. The happier we have been with drawn conclusions, which we wouldn't have gained without interested visitors. The expections visitors had were not the same we expected them to have. So we learned a substantial lesson for the future of xirrus simulation. You can expect to hear more from us.

At this point, a big thanks to all the visitors of our booth, and especially to those who took part in our drawing!

The following prices were provided:

1. Price simulation services in the value of
e.g. for a pilot project.
10'000.- swiss francs.
2. Price simulation services in the value of
e.g. evaluation of three alternatives.
5'000.- swiss francs.
3.-10. Price material property simulation in the value of
e.g. density or viscosity or elasticity.
500.- swiss francs.

Soon, the winners will be notified personally and we are curious about further reactions. xirrus has decided to launch a next drawing soon.

We are glad to count on numerous entrepreneurs who will use this true occasion to their innovative R&D contributions.

With xirrus simulation you gain a service, no other company in Switzerland provides you in this form.