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«Web 3.0»

Like with Web 2.0 the impression is wrong, such concepts have been completely unknown some years ago and would have been impossible to apply. The truth is many new concepts could only grow the last successful years and be positioned in the minds of people, because the habits and society have reacted more open to such applications.

The technical basis hasn't changed much, but more important is the willingness of humans, to try it out and get more productiv: Not the techniques have made the succes, its the people who are using them.

  • Productivity oriented:
    New services, that directly lead to results.
  • User oriented:
    You yourself can bring back something to the community.
  • Service oriented:
    Stay independent and use, when and where you want.

xirrus is looking for investors for a Web 3.0 killer-application

Or what's next after Web 2.0?

Quietly we have been working on a Web 3.0 application, without knowing that it could be called like this. The concept is good, the market is huge. Until now we just have been too early and times where not ready. Now only the money is missing to make it a real success story.

  • An investor will have to finance the finishing of the prototype and the marketing efforts
  • The application will be developed further during its use and will be earning profits
  • It's both a B2B (productivity enhancement) and a B2C (social network) component applicable
We're not promissing too much: nobody before has explored such an idea! Enterprises are investing a lot of time and money to reach their goals, which with our application can be reached less expensive, more efficient and faster in the process and could only be achieved under large expenses with different means.

Investors interested contact us.

What you should bring along:

  • Critical opinions about the potential of our idea and the market size
  • Experience, where entrepreneurs are willing to invest money
  • Fair knowledge of human nature, to judge our team and partners
  • Background knowledge about the web and its success