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S-cloud - simulation or reality?

xirrus launches computersimulation.ch - May 2010

Quickly find your professional service for computer simulation in Switzerland.

Companies/sites with high competence in the branch of computer simulation jointly present themselves on the platform computersimulation.ch, which was initiated by xirrus GmbH and launched in May 2010 and will be maintained by xirrus further.

Index of providers on computersimulation.ch

By the Index of Providers numerous specialists and specialties become visible. Switzerland offers many skills in the branch of computer simulation, of which SME or organisations with interesting challenges may profit.

  • The platform initiates more transparency in the market and makes competence visible, to enhance the awareness of existing services.
  • Only service providers will be presented, which have a saleable offer, are independet survivors in the market and fulfill the high quality standards of the platform.
  • Deliberately, pure dealer or salesman of software packages will not be listed.
Naturally, all further informations interested readers will find on the platform. We're looking forward to enterprises, who will use this platform as their source of services, as soon as they need additional knowledge to measurements and experiments.