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Informations for media and public

We offer you press material and news at first hand for journalism about xirrus and as documentation of our business.

xirrus employees have published to scientific standards too.
Further, interested readers may find featured articles online about topics that have occupied xirrus in the archive.

From the press

  • 20. April 2012: Fine Nose for Gases
    Technische Rundschau 2012.04.20 Resarch | Services p.121   → PDF download (0.15 MB, translated by xirrus)
  • 2. March 2012: Better warning systems: Gas-Sensors Against Inferno
    20minuten 2012.03.02 Wissen p.22   → PDF download (0.46 MB, translated by xirrus)
  • 2. November 2010: article about simulations for insight and optimization of finishes including nanotechnology
    in Oberflächen Polysurfaces 5 (2010), 12-14   → PDF download (0.64 MB)
  • 1. March 2008: article about simulations to enhance Flarm communication protocols
    in segelfliegen 3 (2008), 30-33   → PDF download (0.67 MB)
  • 30. October 2007: contribution about simulations of warning systems
    in Forum für Wissen (2007) der WSL, 93-96   → PDF download (0.15 MB)

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